Dispensation and Suspension Policy

Policy for Temporary Dispensations and Suspensions of Parking Restrictions

Temporary Dispensations from Parking Restrictions

A Dispensation authorises a vehicle (or vehicles) to park in contravention of the Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) where it is safe to do so. It allows parking where alternative arrangements cannot be made for the following principal reasons:

  • Loading/unloading where this activity is either normally prohibited or the permitted parking period is insufficient; or
  • Situations where alternative arrangements would be unsatisfactory. (See below).

A dispensation does not permit ‘general’ parking and it does not allow a vehicle to remain in a restricted/prohibited area once the dispensation purpose has been fulfilled. At that time the vehicle must be moved and be parked elsewhere lawfully.

Updated February 2023

Dispensations may be issued for:-

  • Furniture Removals
  • Building/maintenance/repair works where close proximity to the site is essential
  • Goods deliveries where it is reasonable to allow longer than is normally permitted by the regulations.
  • The hearse and chief mourners at funerals.
  • The bridal and attendant’s vehicles at weddings.
  • Vehicles essential to approved/licensed filming operations
  • Other circumstances where the Council (that is, the highway authority, or its agent) is satisfied that the alternative arrangements cannot be found and a dispensation may be regarded as essential.

Dispensations will not be issued for:-

  • Applications where parking may adversely affect on or off street disabled, doctors or business parking bays together with taxi ranks, bus stops, and bus lanes during restricted times.
  • Applications where loading restrictions are in place if the dispensation is requested during the restricted periods.
  • At locations within 50 metres of a signal controlled junction, the entry/exit of a pedestrian crossing markings, on a footway and/or other locations where parking may cause danger to pedestrians and other road users or where serious obstruction or traffic flow impediment may result.
  • Where the validity of an application cannot be confirmed.
  • Generally for applications in respect of vehicles where dispensations have been issued more than twice within the four weeks before the date of the application under consideration. Issuing officers will have the discretion to vary this in confirmed extenuating circumstances.

How to apply for a Dispensation

Applications must be made online, by email or other digital means where possible (an application form is available) and be received 2 working days before the required date to enable to proposed parking site to be inspected if necessary before approval is given. Issuing officers will have the discretion to deal with more urgent applications if it is deemed reasonable to do so.

Except in extenuating circumstances dispensations will not be issued for periods of more than five days and will not authorise more than two vehicles at any one location unless the issuing officer is satisfied that under all the prevailing circumstances at the preferred location it is safe to do so.

Dispensations will be issued online, by email or other digital means where possible. The details will be given to the parking attendant patrolling the area concerned and a record of the dispensation will be logged.

Temporary Suspensions of Parking Restrictions/Provision

It may be necessary from time to time to suspend parking places including permit parking bays. The authority to do this is provided under Section 14 and 46 of the Road Traffic Act 1984 (as amended). The suspension does not permanently remove the (underlying) legal status of the parking place. Its effect is only to remove it (or designated part of it) from use, during the suspension period. The suspension may be in concert with the reservation of parking places in connection with the activities listed below.

The Council may suspend a parking place when it is considered necessary for:
  • Traffic movement and safety
  • Essential building/maintenance works
  • Furniture removals
  • Approved/licensed filming operations
  • Approved special events
  • Weddings and Funerals
  • In other circumstances where the Council is satisfied that a suspension may be regarded as essential

Applications for suspension must be made online, by email or other digital means where possible (an application form will be available) and be received 10 working days before the required date in the case f designated parking places and 5 days in the case of car parks. This is to enable the site of the proposed suspension to be inspected before approval is given, to notify those affected and provide opportunity for alternative parking arrangements to be made if necessary and erect advanced warning notices of the suspension. Issuing officers will have the discretion to deal with more urgent applications sooner if it is deemed reasonable and practical in all the circumstances to do so.

Applications are not necessary in the case of emergencies relating to the fire, police or ambulance services or in respect of statutory undertakings under Section 14 of the Road Traffic Act 1984 although in the normal course of events the latter will be notified in advance.

Emergencies may embrace action taken by the police to suspend parking places immediately and without notice, for matters of security and public safety. A contravention of a police suspension would be dealt with by the police as a criminal matter.

The Council may approve the extension of a suspension period provided at least one working days notice has been given, they are satisfied that the extension is necessary and the appropriate fee paid is advance. Users of designated spaces will then be notified accordingly.

A suspension request may be cancelled providing one working days notice is given. A refund will be made less an administration charge of £50 due to preparatory works that will have been undertaken.

Suspension approvals will be confirmed online, by email or other digital means where possible. The details of the suspension will be given to the parking attendant patrolling the area concerned and a record of the suspension will be logged. Where unauthorised vehicles are found parked in parking places subject to suspension and the appropriate suspension notices are clearly visible then penalty charge notices will be issued.

Charges for Dispensations and Suspensions

An administrative charge will need to be made and is payable in advance. There will be no charge for funerals or requests from the emergency services dealing with emergency situations.

The charges payable are determined from time to time by the Joint Parking Committee, advertised in the local area at the time of change, and the most recent charges can be found at north.parkingpartnership.org/traffic-regulation.

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