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A Permit is an official authorisation document, giving standard exemption rights from restrictive regulations which apply to other vehicles. Permits are only ever issued in permissive bays.

A Permit may take the form of a paper copy or digital authorisation sent to a handheld computer (HHCT).

A permit authorises a vehicle (or vehicles) to park in permissive parking bays in accordance within the permitted exemptions (and usually with some restrictions) within the Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) where non permit-holders are excluded. It allows exemption for arrange of groups such as:

  • Residential Parking Schemes – enabling parking for residents in the local defined zones only;
  • Doctors, nurses and in some circumstances, carers;
  • Visitors to residents under certain circumstances;
  • Season ticket holders in car parks;
  • Special or extenuating circumstances in a small number of cases (which must be authorised by the manager with sufficient documentation and reason and is only given in extreme or extraordinary cases)

A permit does not authorise ‘general’ parking and it does not allow a vehicle to remain in a restricted/prohibited area unless the precise permitted purpose is being fulfilled. At times when the permissions do not apply, the vehicle must be moved and be parked elsewhere lawfully.

Updated February 2023

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When is a permit not applicable?

Permits will not be issued for temporary convenience or where dispensations are more appropriate:-

  • Furniture Removals
  • Building/maintenance/repair works where close proximity to the site is essential
  • Goods deliveries where it is reasonable to allow longer than is normally permitted by the regulations.
  • The hearse and chief mourners at funerals.
  • The bridal and attendant’s vehicles at weddings.
  • Vehicles essential to approved/licensed filming operations.
  • Other circumstances where the Council (that is, the highway authority, or its agent) is satisfied that the alternative arrangements cannot be found and a dispensation may be regarded as essential.

Except in extenuating circumstances permits will not be valid for periods of more than one year and in some cases will be shorter (or in accordance with periodicity in the TRO schedules). The permit will not authorise anything other than the identified vehicle(s).

Permits of any type will not be issued for:-

  • Where other parking is more appropriate.
  • Applications where parking may adversely affect on or off street Blue Badge Holders, doctors or business parking bays together with taxi ranks, bus stops, and bus lanes during restricted times.
  • Applications where loading restrictions are in place if the dispensation is requested during the restricted periods.
  • At locations within 50 metres of a signal controlled junction, the entry/exit of a pedestrian crossing markings, on a footway and/or other locations where parking may cause danger to pedestrians and other road users or where serious obstruction or traffic flow impediment may result.
  • Where the validity of an application cannot be confirmed.
  • Generally for applications in respect of vehicles where dispensations have been issued more than twice within the four weeks before the date of the application under consideration. Issuing officers will have the discretion to vary this in confirmed extenuating circumstances.

Applications must be made by completing a declaration either online (by email or other digital means where possible) or in writing (an application form is available) and be received before the required date to enable necessary before approval is given. Issuing officers will have the discretion to deal with more urgent applications if it is deemed reasonable to do so.

Permits will be issued online (by email or other digital means where possible), or in writing and will be in a standard format. The details will be given to the parking attendant patrolling the area concerned via the handheld computer and a record of the permit will be logged on the database.

An administrative charge will always be payable per permit, per period, according to the schedule in the TRO or Order applicable.

Charges for Permits

The applicable fees and charges will apply for replacements and administrative changes, and fees and charges are payable in advance. Fees and charges will be applied where required and there will be no general exemptions.

The charges payable are determined from time to time by the Joint Parking Committee, advertised in the local area at the time of change, and the most recent charges can be found at

Administrative Policy

The general policy will apply at all times as set out in the appropriate Orders, Acts and Regulations and Operational Guidance will be applied.

The Parking Partnership prefers to operate cashless and paperless systems wherever possible.
Reference can be made to

Applications will only be received in the standard forms and in appropriate timescales.

Exemptions to any policy would only ever be made in exceptional circumstances after due consideration by a senior officer and will never be made as a reaction to immediate circumstances.

Customer Care & Complaints Policy

Customer care requirements are given high priority and may include the offer of refunds or offers of parking in some cases, if appropriate, which will be documented in accordance with audit requirements.

For further information on our complaints procedure please refer to the following page on our website, which includes the full policy.

Alternatively if you require a copy to be sent to you please contact us.

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