Purlieu Way and Harewood Hill Parking Review

The consideration of parking restrictions in Purlieu Way and Harewood Hill has been on-going for some time. In 2007, Essex County Council introduced one hour ‘no waiting’ restrictions in a number of residential streets in Theydon Bois to prevent commuter parking. The number of restrictions in the area gradually increased such that Purlieu Way and Harewood Hill are now the only remaining unrestricted streets in the village.

Following resident requests for ‘no waiting’ restrictions in Purlieu Way, one hour ‘no waiting’ restrictions were advertised by NEPP in August 2021. The proposed introduction of ‘no waiting’ restrictions lead to both agreement and objections throughout the consultation period for these proposals. In light of the objections received, the Council decided to undertake a more detailed review to determine how necessary restrictions may be

Following consideration of the report arising from this review, NEPP do not currently feel the implementation of restrictions which prevent all-day parking is appropriate or necessary. However, we recognise that our position could change if the demand for commuter parking increases to pre-pandemic levels.

The report recommends that, for safety reasons, ‘no waiting at any time’ restrictions should be considered on the curvature in Purlieu Way. It is likely that NEPP will propose these ‘no waiting’ restrictions later in the year.

Further details of the findings from the survey and analysis of the questionnaire responses received can be found below.

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