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Road safety scheme upgraded at Gosbecks Primary School  

On 20 June 2022, Gosbecks Primary School celebrated upgrading their North Essex Parking Partnership’s (NEPP) Silver 3PR package to Gold, improving road safety for their 300 pupils. 

3PR, which represents the three Parking Rules of Care, Consideration and Caution (originally created by the South Essex Parking Partnership), delivers a positive message about school parking and provides advice and guidance to children, parents and carers on safe and considerate parking practices.   

The package includes a morning Park and Stride, a scheme where parents can feel confident parking away from the school gates – at the Berechurch Arms – to complete the rest of the journey on foot each morning. This is to reduce the amount of congestion and cars stopping to drop off pupils outside the gates, potentially obstructing the view of pedestrians.  

The school will also be introducing 3PR walking tokens, where pupils collect tokens for walking, scooting, or cycling to school. This lessens the number of cars at the school gates and engages pupils by collecting tokens in competition with other classes to be awarded the coveted 3PR trophy and extra playtime.  

In addition to the above the school will be provided with an array of 3PR resources including 3PR Hi Vis jackets, information leaflets, signage, an educational PowerPoint Presentation and much more.  

Cllr Sue Lissimore, North Essex Parking Partnership Chair, said: “I’m thrilled to see another gold 3PR package launching. The scheme now extends across North Essex – helping to improve road safety outside dozens of schools for thousands of pupils – and more and more headteachers are expressing an interest to join.”  

Cllr Martin Goss, Parking Partnership Member for Colchester, said: “I think 3PR is an incredible scheme, fully financed by NEPP, that is providing the resources needed to help keep Colchester’s pupils safer when commuting to and from school. They also provide schools with recourse needed to educate pupils, families and our local community around road safety at school gates.”  

Hannah McCann, Headteacher of Gosbecks Primary School, said: “At Gosbecks Primary School, we are committed to improving our pupils’ journey to and from school. The NEPP support has been excellent, helping us to set up the 3PR initiative so that we could engage with our local partners and educate our local community around road safety, especially at our school gates.   

“We are already seeing the positive impact because of the Park and Stride, and the 3PR Zone. More of our pupils are walking at least part of the way to school, making the area around our school calmer, safer and greener.” 

St James Church of England Primary School in Harlow are also launching a Silver 3PR Package today to further improve road safety outside the school. 

New electric vehicle fleet for north Essex

From June 2022, the North Essex Parking Partnership (NEPP) have five new electric vehicles (EV) in fulltime operation to help administer parking rules in north Essex.  

The five new vehicles – NEPP’s first step towards a full EV fleet – were purchased as part of the Partnership’s commitment to tackling climate change. To facilitate this, NEPP has invested in an electric vehicle fleet charging infrastructure to support the commitment to a fully electric fleet by 2030.  

Three of the new additions will be used by the Partnership as technical support vehicles whilst the remaining two will be used as Park Safe cars, which help to make our streets safer for all by improving road safety at schools across north Essex.  

EV batteries are estimated to have greenhouse gas emissions around 66% lower than a petrol car and 60% lower than a diesel car.  

Cllr Sue Lissimore, North Essex Parking Partnership Chair, said: “I am not surprised NEPP is leading by example by investing in EVs which have zero tailpipe emissions. As a founding member of the British Parking Association’s Positive Parking Agenda, which core values include improving air quality, I am pleased that our goal of a fully electric fleet is underway. Now that we have invested in our own facilities to charge EVs, NEPP will become an eco-friendlier organisation where possible.”  

Cllr Sue Lissimore, continued: “I would like to thank NEPP for their ongoing work dedicating to not only keeping our streets safer, but to taking proactive steps to help Essex’s climate.”  

North Essex Parking Partnership launches new website 

Motorists in and visiting North Essex can take advantage of a new user-friendly website launched by the North Essex Parking Partnership (NEPP), highlighting information and support about parking across the area. 

A key feature of the new website is the improved site navigation and usability. This is due to the addition of a search bar function as well as a clearer, user-friendly layout.  

The news and service updates will now have individual pages per article, making it easier to find important information. There will also be a new look for the operational and annual reports, which will be hosted on the website to improve usability and accessibility. The NEPP supports the provision of parking and carries out the enforcement of parking restrictions across Braintree, Colchester, Epping Forest, Harlow, Tendring and Uttlesford. 

Its new website, north.parkingpartnership.org gives people information 24/7, 365 days a year on the work the NEPP do to deliver parking services across the area and how to sign up to the cashless parking scheme MiPermit. 

It details the steps customers should take if they wish to appeal a penalty charge notice (PCN) they have received. Users will continue to be able to pay PCN’s they have received, through a secure area on the site. 

Cllr Sue Lissimore, North Essex Parking Partnership Chair, said: “We know parking is a subject high on many people’s list of issues. We have designed this website to try and make it as easy as possible to use for those living in or visiting North Essex to get the information they need about parking. 

“I believe it is important to take advantage of technology to make things as user-friendly and simple for people to find what they need.” 

NEPP calls on motorists to continue to park safely and considerately

Hand shown using NEPP's new website.

Motorists are being encouraged to act responsibly and observe safety and critical-route parking restrictions, as wide-ranging efforts continue to help combat the spread of COVID-19.

The North Essex Parking Partnership (NEPP) issued the appeal in response to a series of unprecedented measures announced by the Government in recent days to help tackle the impact of the virus, which has seen normal life put on hold for the foreseeable future.

NEPP’s traffic officers are already focusing patrols on safety-critical routes and areas, while relaxing patrols in some areas to react to changing needs. The key priorities will be to manage the safe movement of traffic and ensuring safe access for emergency vehicles and other essential services such as waste and recycling lorries.

NEPP has responded to the crisis by helping to maximise parking spaces in one-hour single yellow line restrictions where commuters might usually park, by relaxing those parking restrictions to enable home-working. Motorists must obey usual rules to avoid causing an obstruction and must keep access clear, especially for emergency and waste collection vehicles.

NEPP will also be contacting all Resident Permit holders, via their online account in MiPermit or other contact details on record, regarding a temporary extension to their permits.

It is also looking at NHS permits and how more parking space can be made available. NEPP recognises the role that NHS staff are carrying out and will be honouring NHS permits where it is safe to park. More details will be provided on the NEPP website.

NEPP will continue to provide help for anyone who contacts its enquiry line but advises callers that they may experience a longer wait than usual as we move to restricted hours.

Cllr Robert Mitchell, Chairman of the North Essex Parking Partnership, said: “The current reaction to COVID-19 requires an unprecedented flexibility to parking that NEPP is proud to demonstrate. I can reassure the public that our officers are here to help, as always, but will continue to do everything they can to ensure the safe flow of traffic and responsible parking as this situation evolves.

“Most importantly, I would ask everyone to keep calm and be reasonable. There are no excuses for careless or inconsiderate parking, and we are asking all motorists to park responsibly and considerately. The number-one priority is to maintain access for essential services, for the benefit of all.

“If you are self-isolating and required to move your vehicle because it is parked illegally, then you should expect to do so if you are well enough.

“We are working together to enable parking for residents during commuter restrictions where parking patterns have temporarily changed.

“Where reports of increased verbal abuse have been received, this remains unacceptable and will be reported using evidence from body-worn cameras, as per usual. Please let our officers provide their best service.

“The bottom line is: Park up but, when you get out of your vehicle, consider carefully to see if you could have done it better or safer – and then move your vehicle if necessary!